Homestead & Miniature Cattle Directory
Homestead & Miniature Cattle Directory

About this website: Welcome to the Homestead & Miniature Cattle Directory. Homestead Cattle may be defined as gentle, efficient cattle with grass-fed genetics, needing less input, that work well on small acreage. height chart - frame score classification for cattle - click to open large chart in separate windowHomestead cattle may include miniature, midsize, heritage, beef, dairy, dual purpose, registered or unregistered, developing breeds or crossbreeds. This website provides homestead cattle owners the following directories, resources and articles:

Homestead & Miniature Cattle CLASSIFIEDS: Free and Contingency-Commission ads for cattle, supplies, services.

Homestead & Miniature Cattle BREEDER Directory: Find a breeder near you--breeders of all sizes, types, breeds & species of homestead cattle... listed by location. Breeders; if your farm or homestead belongs in this directory, or if any of your information is outdated, email your updates to

Homestead & Miniature Cattle BREEDs: Homestead breeds cover a range of sizes, from standard down to miniature. Miniature cattle are defined by height; and can be any breed or combination of breeds that meet a miniature height classification (see Frame Score charts). Most miniature cattle "breeds" are composites or percentage breeds. Some homestead cattle are rare, heritage breeds that need preservation.

Homestead & Miniature Cattle SIRE Directory: (Currently being updated with new bulls--version 2 coming soon...). Frozen semen or embryos listed by breed. To submit a bull for this directory, go here for a list of records you should try to include. If you are considering collecting your bull go here to see what testing that could involve.

Homestead & Miniature Cattle Directory of SOCIAL MEDIA Groups; a Facebook Directory for networking and a MeWe Directory for promotion & sales.


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Homestead & Miniature Cattle Directory
Herd Management Resources

click to download full size in separate windowCattle Business Resources for Herd Health, Management & Record Keeping... More and more people are moving to small homesteads, to become more self-reliant and safely grow their own food. When new to owning cattle, best practices in herd management and record keeping can become confusing when different registries use different guidelines, standards, terms, requirements, frame score charts, measurements, etc. The lack of consistency across breeds & registries can be a challenge in the Homestead & Miniature Cattle Sector more than anywhere else in the cattle industry. A major goal of the Homestead & Miniature Cattle Directory is to provide homestead & miniature cattle owners a "go-to" list of handy references. These are the most common standards used across-breeds by most agricultural associations, businesses and professionals in the cattle industry, all kept handy here in one place, for reference. No matter what any homestead or miniature cattle registry asks for, it's now easier to cover all your bases, avoid confusion, and keep your herd records complete.

Calving (9 months) Gestation Calendar opens in separate window
Calving Ease (CE) /Difficulty Score Chart
Frame Score Charts for beef and dairy cattle, terminology, and how to measure, across all breeds
Body Condition Score (BCS) Charts, for Dairy and Beef cattle, plus a formula to help predict how much hay a cow should need in winter, and how to judge live muscle score.
How to Measure Cattle to Estimate Weight 3 methods to measure cattle and newborn calves.
Udder Score Charts for beef & dairy cows
2 Temperament Score Charts for cattle (Pen & Chute Scores)
How to Age Cattle by their Teeth
Directory of Heritable Cattle Diseases for North American breeds of cattle. This guide will help you determine what DNA tests your herd might need.
Directory of Infectious Cattle Diseases: a guide of the most common diseases found in North American breeds of cattle. This directory can help herd owners decide what to test for, what to vaccinate for, and what to ask their veterinarian about, depending upon their region & local conditions.
Biosecurity & keeping a closed herd
Cattle Guards: What you don't know could hurt you (your livestock). Bad.
Glossary of Cattle Terms commonly used (or misused) in the homestead and miniature cattle sector
Cattle Facts, a fun, full collection of bovine trivia -- probably something in there you didn't know, and surely more than you wanted to know


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Homestead & Miniature Cattle Directory

newborn calves & colostrum


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Homestead Cattle Association

HCAHomestead Cattle Association (HCA); is both a registry and an association of herdbooks: HCA is a herdbook registry for Homestead & Miniature Cattle with grassfed genetics that work well on small acreage. HCA is part of the International Livestock Registries (ILR), with an extensive database, registry & herdbook service. ILR registries are accepted by other registries, government agencies & countries worldwide. Pedigrees are identified and entered into our across-breed database (growing for 7 years) with all animals listed by breed % on their registration certificates. We keep both closed and open herdbooks. With our fullblood breeds (like the rare Heritage Shorthorn Society, for example) we keep an exclusive herdbook to preserve the purity & integrity of their pedigrees. In open herdbooks (like the Dairy Cattle Registry and the US Normande Breeders Organization), we are inclusive, with both 100% fullblood and percentage cattle divisions available for grading up, to serve composites and newly developing breeds. We register most breeds of livestock. Our registrations offer official livestock breed ID protocol. With proper animal ID, our livestock registrations provide animal certificates with wide acceptance with buyers, interstate movement, show ring circuits, and international export agencies, other industry registries & governments. We use standard cattle management and record keeping that works across breeds, with APHIS/USDA national animal ID, NAAB breed codes, and BIF compliant record keeping. We keep it simple and inexpensive for our members. For minimal fees (compare us to any registry), we can provide maximum value added to your herd. Whether you have a single homestead milk cow, own a miniature club calf show string, are developing a new composite, or exporting cattle to a new country--your registered cattle will be ready to go anywhere and do anything--even if that's just keeping the grass mowed.

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Homestead & Miniature Cattle Directory
Homestead Cattle Directory

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