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CLOSED. Miniature Cattle Admin: Phillip Vollmer, SD. About Group: "This group is for ALL miniature cattle or anything to do with miniature cattle. Feel free to post questions about miniature cattle, miniature cattle for sale or trade, or miniature cattle equipment." Phillip's group was deleted by Facebook--it was the largest homestead & miniature cattle group by far. Members have gravitating to other FB and MeWe groups.

Mini Cow Breeders (9400) Kate Glastetter (Caney Creek Farm) MO, Lisa Buchta Thorne, IN, Connie Wade, MI, Christin Bender, (SEC Minis) TX. MINI COW Breeder listing and mini cow posts. Please no requests from other countries ..Please include your state in every posting. (USA and Canada only)

Miniature Cattle (7570 members, 02-2020) (Suzy Minck, TX, Hans Peterson, MI, Ryan Thatcher) A group for helping others with Miniature Cattle in the USA, Can ada & Australia only. When a person wants to join, I will check to see where they live & their interest in cattle. All mini breeds are welcome.

All Things Oxen (6230, 06-20) A page for the Oxen enthusiast. From pics to training tips, questions to collectables, whether your interests are Ox Pulls, working Oxen, or you are just intrigued by them. Feel free to post pics (new or old), links, videos, articles, yoke contruction and bow bending pics and posts; Ask questions and have discussions. In short ALL THINGS OXEN. You are more than welcome to ask friends to join or add them. As to the rules, very simple since there may be young people enjoying this group I would request that you conduct yourselves accordingly. No Profanity and no attacking other members. Please Like and Share and above all Enjoy!

Micro Mini Cattle (5054 members, 02-2020) Suzy Minck (Milk Maid Ranch) TX, Kelly Leggott (Great Plains Mini Cattle) NE. ANSWER THE QUESTION WHEN JOINING OR AUTOMATIC DECLINE. No advertising for products or clothes on this group. NO CATTLE SALES ON THIS GROUP!!!!!!!!!!!! This page is for people in the USA, Canada and Australia. ONLY MICRO-miniature cattle can be posted on this group. Prove your cow is a micro by pictures with a measuring stick of tape showing the height.

mini cattle trader (4795) Kyle Smith (Rockin Ridgway Ranch) IN. This page was created for people to buy sell and trade all types of mini cattle!

Miniature cattle trader (4560) Mike Fricano, NY. This group has been created to serve as a advertising /sale page for miniature cattle you have for sale. All posts must have at least one picture, a price, description and the animals location.

All Breed Miniature Cattle (5920 members, 02-2020) (admins: Terrie Thompson, TN. K Van Brunt, OH, Adam Bouknight, ). All about all miniature cattle.

Miniature beef cattle (1750 members, 02-2020) Tim Shelton, IL. Post questions, photos, and or For sale or Trade anything related to miniature beef cattle.

Pet Miniature Cattle Breeders (2480) Chris Jessen, CO. This group is for individuals who are focused on breeding pet miniature cattle of all breeds. Breeders in this group are focused on breeding only the healthiest and highest quality miniature cattle. Any postings of animals for sale on this page should be of highest breeding quality, and consequently reflect so in pricing. All posts should have either a link to a website or include a picture with animal on a halter with a human next to it to validate size and disposition. This group is only for current breeders or individuals serious about becoming a breeder. If you are a breeder please post basic contact information (web-site /Facebook page /email /phone) to validate. Information within this group should be beneficial to all and void of any negativity.

Saddle Cattle - cows and steers as riding animals (2385 members, 06-20) Welcome to our Saddle Cattle group! Our goal is to promote the responsible use of cows for work and leisure. Our only membership requirement is that you must love cows. My hope is that this will be a place where cattle riders can connect and share ideas and experiences. We also welcome driving cattle and "pet" cows.

Cross Bred Mini & Midsize Cattle (2290 members, 02-2020) Suzy Minck (Milk Maid Ranch) TX. NO SALES on this group. USA, Canada & Australia members only. This is an informative group so feel free to ask questions about Cattle.

Miniature Cattle--Canada (265) Manon Whitman, Ontario. Miniature Cattle Canada is a Facebook site intended to bring Canadian breeders of miniature or small breed cattle together to share information, learn from each other or just brag about their stock.

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Dairy cattle

Mini Jersey Cattle Enthusiasts (3725) Mario & Heather Fabrizio, MO. To promote and share Mini Jerseys, MINI JERSEY Breeder listing and mini cow posts · USA · Australia · Canada.

A2/A2 Milk Cows in North America (1475) Kathy Eyman, Jill Massing, Milkmaid Lorinda. Not necessarily Miniatures, but includes miniatures and dual purpose cattle when milked and DNA tested A2/A2--where people can buy and sell their A2/A2 homestead cows. A2/A2 is a desirable protein in milk, which many people believe makes milk easier to digest than milk which has the A1 protein. Since A2 has nothing to do with beef, this group is for milking cows or future milking cows. If you're posting a dual purpose breed, please state why you are advertising in a milking group. Example could be a Dexter who is a family milk cow. In order to post here, the cattle must have been tested or proven to be A2/A2. *Please post location and asking price. This group is not the place to chat about cows, it is to be a place for people to come to buy and sell. Thank you.

Miniature Jerseys (925 members, 02-2020, created Feb 4, 2019) (admins: Keely Zeller Exum FL/AMJA&R admin, Jessica Frank Pedevilla CA, Sara Haas NE, Constance Beeson SD/AMJA&R admin) A safe place for Miniature Jersey friends and advocates to gather and share. We welcome all States and Countries to our group.

Mini Jersey Miniature Dairy Cattle--NW USA (245) Milkmaid Lorinda (North Woods Homestead) ID, Tracy Rouse Howe (Mother Howe's Little Cows) SK. This is a welcoming place to find and share Mini Jerseys with the neighbors in our region of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Everyone is welcome but please only share Mini Jerseys and breeders within this region, all others will be deleted. Are you frustrated about finding your miniature family milk cow but she's too far away for pick up and shipping is expensive? Let's network and promote the miniature breeders within our area. Lastly, please only share Mini Jerseys that appear to be pure and not out-crossed with another breed. Thank you!

Mini Jersey Bulls & AI Straws *ONLY* USA & Canada (535) Milkmaid Lorinda (North Woods Homestead) ID, Heather Fabrizio (Haven Heritage Farm) MO. A place to share Mini and Midsize Jersey Bulls and Artificial Insemination Straws. No posts or sales of Cows or Heifers, please. We encourage you to share offspring and give bull stats (registered name, age, height, polled and A2 status, pedigree, etc., if known). Thank you for keeping this page dedicated to Miniature & Midsize Jersey bulls.

Miniature Dairy Cattle (450) Suzy Minck (Milkmaid Ranch) TX, J Scott Jackson (Cumberland Miniatures) KY, Tim Dowers, OH. This page is to display your Mini Dairy cattle, offer them for sale if you like and ask questions, or post if you are looking for some. This group is for those in North America. Family-friendly is the first priority, judicious use of the Golden Rule applies and BE NICE! These cattle are a lot of fun, most are docile and all are productive animals. Because shipping cattle beyond North America isn't feasible, we only accept members from North America. ALL sale posts need to have a price, all trades offers need to have an approximate $ value shown.

Mini Jersey Miniature Dairy Cattle--South Central USA (345) Milkmaid Lorinda (Northwoods Homestead) ID. This is a welcoming place to find and share Mini Jerseys with the neighbors in our region of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Everyone is welcome but please only share Mini Jerseys and breeders within this region, all others will be deleted. Are you frustrated about finding your miniature family milk cow but she's too far away for pick up and shipping is expensive? Let's network and promote the miniature breeders within our area. Lastly, please only share Mini Jerseys that appear to be pure and not out-crossed with another breed. Thank you!

Mini Jersey Miniature Dairy Cattle--Western Canada (86) Tracy Rouse Howe, Naomi K Fournier. This is a welcoming place to find and share Mini Jerseys with the neighbors in our region of British Columbia, Yukon and North West Territories, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Everyone is welcome but please only share Mini Jerseys and breeders within this region, all others will be deleted. This group is linked to the Western Canada Regional group as well as the regional groups in the US *and* to the Mini Jersey Bulls and Semen Sales group. Are you frustrated about finding your miniature family milk cow but she's too far away for pick up and shipping is expensive? Let's network and promote the miniature breeders within our area. Lastly, please only share Mini Jerseys that appear to be pure and not out-crossed with another breed. Thank you!

Mini Jerseys of the Midwest (140) Jessi Hayre, IN (Created Mar 2018). Hello and welcome everybody! This is a group dedicated to the Mid and Miniature sized Jerseys of the Midwest! States such as Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Iowa, the Dakotas (North and South), Nebraska, Wisconsin, Ohio, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Michigan. Here is a great place to post pictures about your beautiful babies, to encourage those just beginning, and maybe answer questions for those stumped a little bit.

Mini Jersey Miniature Dairy Cattle-Southwest USA (75) Jason & Jennifer Christy Soares, UT
Canadian Miniature Jersey Enthusiasts (75, formed June 2018) Tazara McClanaghan. Welcome! This page is for those who have a passion for Miniature Jerseys! Feel free to post, list and ask questions! Only post cattle for sale that are within our region! And please remember to be kind! There will be no tolerance for rude comments or snarky remarks! Enjoy!

mini milk cows (320) Sally Weaver Zacharias. A group for homestead milk cows, sales and discussions.

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Dexter Cattle Enthusiasts (6700) Sally Coad (Freedom Farms) TN, Kimberly Jepsen, OK, Steven LeGrand (LeGrand Legacy Farmstead) MO. Dexter Cattle Enthusiast is a facebook group with lots of great resources for new and experienced Dexter cattle owners. This group is open to all people interested in the Dexter Cattle breed.

DEXTER CATTLE FOR SALE USA (1455) Ryan Parker, KS, War Pony Ranch, MO, Mary Hoover, KS. Buying and selling dexter cattle in the United States. Please, no promos / links allowed in posts or comments.

Dexter Cattle Breeders (1445) Kirk Cascade, OR. To discuss the history, science and genetics of Dexter Cattle, and how to breed and manage them well.

Dexter Cattle - ADCA Dexter Cattle for Sale (1375) Dale Baltrus, MO, Vern Pugh, MO, Phil Fredericks, AR. We are glad you are here. ADCA Registered Dexter Cattle for Sale is not affiliated with the American Dexter Cattle Association. This group is for buying, selling and trading ADCA registered Dexter cattle only. It is not a discussion page other than discussion comments on animals listed. The posting guidelines are:

  1. Sellers must provide the ADCA number in the post - OR
  2. Both sire and dam ADCA# of the animal being sold to verify eligibility to register.
  3. The ADCA number must be visible in the post as it appears on the first page of your post. I would suggest putting it first. If the ADCA number is not visible on the first page of the post, the post will be deleted.
  4. This is an ADCA REGISTERED DEXTER CATTLE FOR SALE page. Do not list other organizations' registration numbers. If you want to sell cattle through those organizations then please do so on a page that sells those registered animals. This page was started as a service for people like me. Buying and selling ADCA registered cattle. Nobody makes money except those folks selling cattle. Thanks.

Traditionally Horned Dexter Cattle (1120) Michael Foor-Pessin, NY. The goals of this group are, the preservation of the original horned Dexter, the showcasing of horned Dexter cattle for all to see, the exchange of information between breeders about horned genetics, a forum to discuss how to safely and successfully manage horned Dexter cattle, and finally to serve as a source of reliable information about horned Dexter cattle for potential buyers.

Dexter Cattle Historical (435) Judy Sponaugle, Mark Sinnot, OH. Historical photos and files from Dexters past. Everyone is invited to contribute!

Western Canada Dexter Cattle (150) Joe Hogenmiller Lafond, new admin. Bringing Dexter Cattle Enthusiants from Western Canada together to learn, buy, sell, trade and just enjoy the Dexters for what they are. Please feel free to invite anyone you think may be interested in the group. The group is not responsible for any transactions. - Please keep posts family friendly When Posting Ads please include: Description of what is for sale or what you are looking for, and your location.

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Mini Belted Galloway Cattle (985) Baden Geeves, Freedom Rise Miniature Galloway Stud, Yarraman, Queensland, Australia. Hi all. This group is for Belted Galloways only (Purebred/Fullblood or 100% Galloway). If you have cross-breeds such as pandas, please post on the appropriate site. (My Note: There are few fullblood 100% miniature Belted Galloway in North America. Almost all mini Galloway in North America are crossbreds. Australians have been breeding pure miniature Galloway cattle since the 1970s.

Mini Belted Galloways (915) Kelly Leggott, NE, Christin Bender, TX. This group is open for discussion and to sell mini Galloways, mini Belted Galloways and Panda® (composites). No ads for clothing etc. Thanks.

Galloway Cattle Genetic Discussion Group (410) Alan S. Bias, Lewisburg, West Virginia, Vice-Chairman Riggit Galloway Society, Bury St Edmunds, United Kingdom. File section has awesome research on genetics.

Miniature Galloway (165) Ian Bull, Gleneagles Mini Galloway Stud, Leeton, New South Wales, Australia. Please, only Galloway "stuff", for those interested in all Miniature Galloways:
Solid Coloured - Black, Dun & Red,
Whites - Black, Dun, & Red Points, and
Belted - Black, Dun & Red.
Post your photos and brag. If you post registered animals for sale PLEASE INCLUDE: Your Stud Name, Animals Name and ID and also Any information that may be useful ... Ads that DO NOT include this info will be deleted. (My Note: There are hardly any purebred (fullblood 100%) miniature Galloway in North America. Almost all mini Galloway in North America are crossbreds. Australians have been breeding fullblood & purebred miniature Galloway cattle since the 1970s.)

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Miniature Hereford Cattle in The USA (5020) Britt Whitt, WY, Dex Gee, TX, Betty Johnson-Barnes, WA. Miniature Herefords are naturally docile and make excellent show animals for any level of competition. Two or three may be kept in place of one modern-sized cow. A miniature mother will wean a calf weighing a higher percentage of her mature weight. They are a beefier type of animal that thrives without pampering.

miniature Hereford and mini beef cattle (2090) Austin Barnhill, FL, Holly D Schafer, TX. This is a group to help people find info on miniature Beef cattle whether it be buying or selling or just general health info.

Minature Hereford For Sale (2070) Christi McCool, MO. This group is for Mini Hereford cattle ONLY. Registered, Commercial, and Mixes are fine. Other breeds are not allowed.

Miniature Herefords for SALE in the USA (1625) Allison Lee, DE. The rules are simple. This is a page for advertising Miniature Herefords in the USA only. A current PHOTO of the animal, DESCRIPTION which includes any combination of the following: photo of papers, registration number, registered name, or sire/dam names, LOCATION, and PRICE must be included. “PM for price or more info” is NOT acceptable. This is a page to bring serious buyers and sellers together. No other items may be listed here, no chutes, trailers, animals not for sale, supplies, etc. Any posts not meeting the rules will be deleted by an administrator after giving you one chance to edit the post.

Canadian Miniature Herefords (115) Ron Leuschen, AB. We are attempting to raise awareness of Miniature Herefords in Canada. Many people around here are unaware that there is even such thing as a Miniature Hereford.

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Miniature Highland Cattle (3375) Hans Peterson, MI, Connie Graham, MN, Chris Jessen, CO. This site was created for those who enjoy, wish to learn about, and/or have miniature Highland cattle. Members, if you wish to post any mini Highland for sale, please include a photo of the bovine with a person or taped or with an easily identified object or include your website. All other photos will be deleted. This site is for miniature Highland cattle, so please limit to solid colored or black pointed bovines. Also, when doing ISO posts, please insist that any responses follow the rules stated above. There are lots of sites to advertise and seek other types of crosses. Let's keep this site dedicated to cattle that are or can be used to create a firm foundation (with minimal upgrades, used only briefly and initially to introduce dwarf genes or points) for this developing breed.

Miniature Highland Cattle Breeders (2435) Kathy Kruk (Ravenwood Farm) WI, Marc Stewart (Thistle Do Farm) VA. Group for people who chose to breed small but healthy Highlands and for the people who just love little hairy coos.

HighPark Cattle (20) John Hebeisen, MN (created May 2018). This page was created to organize efforts, breeding strategies and genetics in creation and development of this sought after (composite) breed. Please upload pics and follow this page. Show off your HighParks! (my note: Highpark is a fun name for a composite that is often a chondro carrying Dexter crossbred miniature Highland crossed with other miniature breeds to add the White Park marking. The name "HighPark" was originally coined by Connie Graham, MN.)

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American Aberdeen Cattle Group (3695) Marylou Ferguson Anderson. The name of The American Lowline Registry has been changed to "American Aberdeen Association". Looking foward to hearing news, seeing pictures of people's cattle posted, listings of shows and sales and just getting to know you all as you join the group! Sometimes the discussions get heated, but we are all here to help each other and educate the public as well as share photos of our cattle. On registered % percentage (crossbred) posts, please include the other known breed(s) in the mix.

AMERICAN ABERDEEN LOWLINE ANGUS Cattle Club (1670) Kelly Redding Furness, FL. Share interest and photos of American Aberdeen Lowline Angus. Meet, contact and communicate with other group members interested in the breed.

Lowline or American Lowline Breeders (360) Don Smith, Donna B Toney, Andy Jester, Michelle Bourdua. A site for the promotion and improvement of the Lowline breed. Whether grass fed or grain fed, hobby farm or seed stock producer, participation is encouraged as discussion is a way for us to learn and share new ideas. This page is for people that believe in Lowlines and what they have to offer. Only Fullblood and percentage Lowlines may be posted for sale, please include registration #’s and location in the post, pricing in the comments, and be respectful of the name, realizing that this page is utilized by members in the US, Australia, and Canada who are proud of the Lowline name and the history surrounding them and as such may not agree with the rebranding of one single organization that has chosen a different route. There are other pages for advertising those cattle and posts of non lowline cattle for sale or those that are found to be of the “fence sitting” type will be denied or removed. It only takes a minute to modify an ad to be Lowline friendly. Be proud of what you own and help us to ensure the Lowline name continues to be seen and heard for many generations to come. If you have any questions pertaining to the rules of this page feel free to direct message a Moderator and one of us will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Thanks!

Aberdeen Embryo Network (160) Russ Crawford (High Point Aberdeen Angus, British Columbia). The Aberdeen Embryos and Semen Network is a outlet for breeders to sell and showcase their genetics that are available to other producers. When posting please provide registration numbers, quality pictures, contact information and price. Only Aberdeen and Aberdeen Plus genetics are accepted. Thank you for supporting this page and we wish everyone success in showcasing their genetics for sale.

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Texas Longhorns, bucking stock

Miniature rodeo cattle for sale (3105) Jason & Marcy Odom (Flying O Bulls) TX. When you post stock for sale include current photo, age, breeding if known such as crossbred, purebred or fullblood, location, price, and note if bucked or unbucked. And post a video of the last out if bucked.

Miniature Texas Longhorn Shows and Sales (1815) Linda McKay, OK. Feel free to add your friends and anyone interested in Miniature Longhorns. This is the original Miniature Longhorn group with the original name. Longhorn cattle can be registered as miniature with cows up to 45" and bulls up to 48", at 3YO or older. (Remember the correct procedure to measure a mini is with a level laid across the spine over the point of hip--or hook-bone.) Pedigree research and questions are welcome, as are photos of your herd & open discussions on the new Miniature division of the Texas Longhorn breed. "For Sale" & "Want To Buy" posts are welcome. Specify if cattle are registered or unregistered when posting photos, bloodlines, breeding info, date of birth, height measurements and any show records. FYI to all, a Chondro carrier is different from a "dwarf"; 2 Chondro carriers can & do produce clean individuals which then will never produce a carrier.
(My note: "chondro carrier" miniature cattle are heterozygous BD1 carriers. BD1 is only one of several types of genetic dwarfism in cattle. There are at least 2 other BD genes, and other types of genetic dwarfism in cattle. Linda is referring to miniature cattle that carry BD1 chondro with no health problems. There are other dwarf gene mutations in other kinds of cattle that can cause problems. Read more about what Linda is referring to here.)

Miniature Texas Longhorns (1595) Bernie Keasler, Emily Ingram, Julie Pack, Eric Redeker, Mark Christenson, John Miller. The mission of this Facebook Group is to promote and educate the public about Miniature Texas Longhorns, the relatively new breed offshoot of Texas Longhorn cattle. These cattle were bred down from their larger counterparts and are approximately 1/2 the size (AUE) of standard Texas Longhorns and are a natural choice for landowners of all sizes. This Facebook Group is run by The Miniature Texas Longhorn Breeders Group ( Please feel free to visit the website where you will find a sale barn that lists animals for sale. No posts that advertise animals for sale will be permitted on this Facebook Group. Any post or comment that is viewed as being counterproductive to this mission will be removed without notice.

Texas Miniature Longhorns TLBAA registered (1315) Dave & Althea Sullivan, TX. Texas Miniature Longhorns (TLBAA registered) is about Texas Longhorns that are small enough to be listed in a miniature status. Although we strive for small size we still continue to breed for the Big Horn. This is creating a new opportunity for Texas Longhorns to be a part of a fast growing Miniature world. Also a new opportunity to compete in all shows and competitions with a smaller size Texas Longhorn. We welcome all comments that help any and all breeders of the Texas Longhorn family. All pictures from your Longhorn family are welcome. Thank You.

Miniature rough stock connection (560) Chris Mcgregor, OK. A place for producers, contractors and riders to buy sell or trade miniature rough stock and gear and to post upcoming events.

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Miniature Zebu

Zebu Miniature Cattle For Sale /Trade (5785) Tosklin Macky, Sam Decker, Sonia Decker, FL. Sale posts to include Location, Price, Age and Height or est height.

Miniature Zebu Cattle (4185) Josh & Jamie Bottelberghe (Bottelberghe Farms Miniature Zebu) TX. This group is for anything that pertains to Miniature Zebu Cattle or cattle husbandry that can be applied to Miniature Zebu.

Miniature Zebus (1155) Giant Oak Farm, Sharon Collins, FL, Duane Clayton, TX. This group is about natural born Miniature Zebus.

Miniature Zebu Cows and Heifers Only (675) Steve Wilder, OK. This group is for sharing miniature Zebu cows and/or heifers that you have for sale! Please refer to the group guidelines for more information about how to use the group to sell your Zebu!

Zebu Miniature Cattle For Sale in Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia and Tennessee (745 members)

Texas Miniature Zebu Cattle for Sale (475) H Barrera Ranch, TX. A place for miniature Zebu breeders in Texas to buy and sell.

Registered Miniature Zebu cattle for sale (415) Registered Miniature Zebu For Sale; AMZA or IMZA. There are no admins or moderators in this group.

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regional and smaller groups

Texas Miniature Cattle (900 members) Lisa Cook Tanner, TX. A group for Texas miniature cattle enthusiasts to share photos, information and offer available miniature cattle and related items available for buy, sell or trade. Scottish Highland, Low line Angus, Miniature Herefords, White Park, Belted Galloway, Dexter, Zebu and all other breeds and cross breeds of mini cattle are welcome here.

Miniature Cattle Buyer/Seller Review (740) K Van Brunt, OH. A place to leave a review of a buyer or seller, positive or negative. This group is only for buyer/seller reviews. Please be and stay on point, detailed in your positive or negative reviews, and polite.

Kentucky Miniature Animals. (725 members) Anything in Kentucky area that is called miniature; cows pigs or horses.

California Miniature Cattle (320) Stephanie Riedel and Gayle Torres. This is a group for people in California who are interested in miniature cattle. We hope to learn from each other. Buying and selling of miniature cattle, bulls for stud, a.i. etc. All ads must contain location and price or it will be deleted. No sales of items unrelated to miniature cattle unless it is for a for trade ad.

Miniature Show Cattle (300) Chris Jones, TX. This Page Is To Showcase Miniature Show Cattle Only. THIS IS NOT A SALE PAGE. We would like for the members who show any miniature cattle breed to be able to showcase proven show animals on this page. Please add venues where you show your cattle along with photos of the cattle in the ring, or with the winnings. The more breeds the better.

Miniature cow pictures (300) Kelly Leggott (Great Plains Mini Cattle) NE. This group if for anyone to post pictures of their miniature cattle, Please add the breed if known.

Miniature Cattle Enthusiasts (300) Started in April by Hans Peterson, MI.

Miniature Cattle of Wisconsin (280) Kara Berlage (North Star Homestead Farms) WI. Where Wisconsin miniature cattle growers can come together to share pictures, hold discussions, and post animals they have available. This group is open to people from WI and neighboring states only. Please note that if you are not from this area, your request to join will be denied. But be sure to look up the fantastic nation-wide groups instead. All posts must be centered upon miniature cattle. Any off-topic posts will be deleted. All sale posts MUST have a photo of the animals being sold. Once your animal has been sold, please update it with either an edit or comment saying it was sold.

Arkansas Miniature Cattle (270) Sonia Broughton-Hughes, Arkansas. Post pictures of all your AR miniature cattle to show or to sell.

Miniature cattle – Midwest (235) Amanda Walker (K&A Funny Farm) MI. A place for people in the Midwest to share and discuss their mid sized and miniature cattle. Sales are permitted. Please be respectful to each other. When posting sales ads please include a LOCATION and PRICE (price may be listed in comments).

Miniature MeatMaster Cattle (216) Marc Rottman, TX. The Miniature MeatMaster breed was developed by Marc Rottman to utilize the superior traits of Miniature Hereford, Miniature Shorthorn and miniature Zebu cattle. The combination results in a Miniature breed which unites the traits of three highly successful cattle breeds.

Miniature Cattle of the Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and South Dakota area. (175) Matt Pals, Mini Diamond Cattle Co, Hartley, Iowa. Started June 2018; Buying and selling miniature cattle in the upper midwest.

Miniature Cattle Online Auction (165) Started July 1, 2018 by John Adams, Waverly, GA. This site was created specifically for miniature cattle buyers /sellers. This site will be monitored to ensure all group members comply with the rules and follow through with all auction terms. Sellers must add location, start and end times (not to exceed 5 days), breed, and sex. If there is a reserve, it must be sent to admin and state that there is a reserve in the auction, otherwise, the high bid wins. No auction can be ended or deleted prior to running its full course. Buyers must follow through on any auctions won. No bids are to be retracted or deleted once placed. If bidders are bidding within the last five minutes of an auction, those members can bid past the “listed” ending time until 5 minutes passes without a bid being placed. Any members not compliant will be removed. Hope everyone enjoys this site.

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MeWe Groups
listed alphabetically by breed group

ALL BREEDs of Homestead Cattle

Homestead & Miniature Cattle
(this mewe cattle group directory is also kept pinned there)
sponsored by Homestead Cattle Directory
DonnaG, owner

Crossbred Miniature & Midsize Cattle
Suzy Minck, owner

Miniature Cattle
Mary Jane Albright, owner

Miniature Cattle 2
Hans Peterson, owner

All Breed Miniature Cattle
Terrie Thompson, owner

Miniature Cattle in the USA
Randy Krueger, owner

Mini Fluffy Cows
Mary Jane, Carousel Farm, owner

Homestead Cattle Association (registry)
DonnaG, owner

DAIRY cattle

Miniature Jersey Breeders
Thad Parker, owner

Mini Jersey Bulls AI Straws only USA-CAN
MilkmaidLorinda, owner

Mini Jersey Cattle Enthusiasts
Heather Fabrizio, owner

Purebred Mini Jersey Society (registry)
Milkmaid Lorinda, owner

Disease Free Dairy Cattle

Dutch Belted (Lakenvelder) Cattle
the word "belted" in the link is a misnomer,
this is not the beef breed, Belted Galloway


Miniature Herefords
Holly Schafer, owner


Miniature Scottish Highland Coos
Kathy Kruk (Cox), owner

American Kerry Cattle Group
Jody Jess, owner

Milking Devons
Kendy HineSite Sawyer, owner


Dexter Cattle Enthusiasts
Kimberly Jepsen, owner

Dexter Family Milk Cows
Tanya Dewar, owner

Dexter Cattle Owners
Jeremy Trost, owner

LOWLINE cattle

Aberdeen/ Lowline & Mini Cattle
Stephanie Fitzmaurice, owner

American Aberdeen Cattle Club
Marylou & Terry Anderson, owners


Miniature Zebu For Sale /Trade
Tosklin Macky, owner

Texas Longhorn Sales & Discussion
Crystal McNeel, owner

Specialty Bovine

regional groups, commercial cattle etc

Triple W Alternative Livestock
Exotic Auction, Sept, Nov, Mar, Cookeville, TN
Wilson Horse & Mule Barn

Florida Miniature Cattle

Texas Miniature Cattle
Trina McCollom, owner

USA Shorthorn Cattle Breeders
KR Martin, owner

Show Cattle USA

Show Cattle & Club Calves

Everything Show Cattle

Canadian Cattle Producers Connection

Saskatchewan Ranchers Network

and just in case...
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