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FOR SALE: 2019 red Dexter heifer, ADCA LHR Miss Red #041255. Red is horned, excellent blood lines, very fine animal, all vaccinations, health certificate, Chondro- and PHA-non-carrier (HN), A2N milk. Ready for breeding this fall. $1450. Call Sergey ☎ 301-990-4138 (lv msg) or email. Capon Bridge West Virginia. (05-21)

FOR SALE: 2 yr old mixed miniature beef heifer cow for sale, dark brindle with hereford markings, goggle eyed, polled. $750. Text Marilyn ☎ 423-847-7450. Southwest of Chattanooga Tennessee near Flat Rock Kentucky. (05-15)
mini Charolais
FOR SALE: Miniature Charolais X Lowline heifer (right) looking for a new pasture. Will help load. Must pick up. No delivery. Call or text ☎ 515-689-9142, southwest Iowa. (05-13)

WANT to TRADE: Looking to trade from our large herd of ADGA Nigerian Dwarfs (Show and Milk Production lines) for miniature cow(s) partial or full trades. Would prefer polled but will consider horns on gentle well socialized animals, registered breeding stock or beef quality. We have alot of available stock including babies, bred does, does in milk and herd sires and could easily do starter herds with unrelated lines. All of our goats are healthy, dehorned or naturally polled ~ Nigerian Dwarfs are the most popular breed, miniature (easy to handle) and year round breeders. Also, (left) Three nitrogen cryogenic (semen) tanks available:
1) Spectrum 20 Plus; has a 2 month hold not sure of age, 6 canisters. Makes a great back up or transporter tank - $250
2) MVE model AL 20; bought used unsure of age 6 canisters hold 3-4 months - $350
3) MVE Millonnium 2000 XC 20; bought new 3 yrs ago 6 canisters 3-4 month hold - $450
All 3 are 20 liters, no leaks or dents have been very reliable; currently empty but can get filled $25 xtra. Email, Sevierville Tennessee. (05-12)

FOR SALE: Two miniature bull calves and one 7YO red Dexter cow that should have a summer-fall baby she's been running with my miniature belted Galloway and Hereford bulls. She's 43-44" inches. She's very calm; the first one to you in the field. Great mom. $1000. A BWF calf, a miniature Hereford X miniature belted Galloway cross. He is polled, born 5/5/20. $500. A black bull calf, a highdex/ miniature belted Galloway. He is polled and was born 5/12/20. $500. I can start either of them on the bottle or hold them till weaning age with a deposit. Call or text ☎ 740-297-1399 with questions. We are located in Salem Missouri. (05-13)

FOR SALE: Two miniature longhorn steers. Both a around a year old. Will let you hand feed them. $500 each. Call or text Lacey 949-422-7648. Florence Texas. (05-13)

FOR SALE: three Dexter cows. Healthy, hardy, very parasite resistant (never had to worm), pasture rotated, hold weight on forage, no grain, no antibiotics. Great multi-purpose breed for milk, meat, work. Gentle cows, hand milked, exposed to Dexter bull, all about 42" tall. $5000. No Sunday calls please: ☎ 816-209-0243. Seymour Missouri. (05-13)

FOR SALE: 4YO registered Dutch Belted cow. Contact Lina Uihlein at Little Owl Natural Farm ☎ 434-973-6015 email. Free UnionVirginia. (04-30)
Stevensville Montana
FOR SALE: Miniature Horned Hereford cow. (left) goggle eyed, bred to a red horned Lowline X Hereford bull due to calve in October. She is a very tame cow that enjoys scratches. $1000. Bull also for sale, a 2 year old working bull that is very good mannered and loves to be scratched. $700. Also a purebred mini Hereford heifer calf $700. Will make a package deal. For questions contact ☎ 406-552-3943. Stevensville Montana. (04-30)

FOR SALE: 2 purebred Lowline (miniature Angus) 2020 heifer calves. Born Feb 25 and Mar 11. Parents on site. Sire is Fullblood. ☎ 806-777-0396 Lubbock Texas. (04-30)mini cow & calf in New Mexico

FOR SALE: Miniature Cow & Calf. (right) Cow is very young, super healthy. Her baby calf was born April 12, 2020. Would be great for a mini farm or someone who wants to save on feed. $850. Call or text ☎ 505-507-7106. Los Lunas New Mexico. (04-27)

FOR SALE: miniature Longhorn cross cow. Penny's DOB is 07-05-05. She is friendly but isn’t one for being pet or groomed but isn’t skittish either. With a little one-on-one attention I am sure she would come around to eating out of your hand. Red speckled. Crooked-horned–she came to us that way. She has been exposed to our White Park X Dexter bull–so she may be bred. She is a bit on the thin side, we had a bad batch of hay earlier this year. However, she is now getting much better hay, grass and grain. $1100. Willing to accept a reasonable offer and delivery is available for a fee. Please call or text ☎ 662-273-3540. Eupora Mississippi. (04-26)

WTB: miniature Highlands or miniature Longhorns; Looking for miniature--not midsize--cattle. Call or text ☎ 715-642-0641, or email Bob LeMoine. I'm in Wisconsin but will travel. (04-25)

FOR SALE: Miniature Jersey cow in milk. First calf heifer (her calf not for sale), not bred back yet because we don't want a winter calf. She is 3/4 miniature Jersey X 1/4 full size Jersey. $1900. Call or text ☎ 612-850-2051. Princeton Minnesota. (04-18)

WTB: Would like to acquire a mini Hereford bull, 2 to 4 yrs; registered or grade 36 - 40", ph ☎ 5076400149, or email Mike Senger. Minnesota. (04-16)

FOR SALE: Miniature cattle
; three bulls and two heifers from 8 months to 18 months. Mixed cross breed (Dexter, Lowline) over the years. $300-$500. ☎ 270-493-0243. Symsonia Kentucky, near Paducah. (04-12)

FOR SALE: Miniature polled White Park X heifer.
Halter broke; very sweet, but needs more one-on-one time. Dam is a polled mini white park cross (00 frame score), sire is a registered, mini polled hereford (0 frame score). Good body mass, and well put together. UTD on shots and has her bangs tag. This girl make be a great addtion to any miniature beeding program. $1000, call or text Brenda ☎ 503-702-7224 Dayton Oregon. (04-11)

FOR SALE: Homestead dual-purpose cow-calf pair. The cow is a 5 year old JerseyXAngus, about 52" at the hip (FS-5). She has a heifer at side, by (and can be bred back to) our small White Park bull for a 3 in 1 package. He stands 46" at the hip (FS-1). Her heifer calf was born unassisted on 4/4/2020, she is beautiful, polled and white park colored. The cow is an excellent mother. This is a great chance to get a little color in your herd. If they stay here through re-breeding, we will halter break the hfr calf for you. A re-breed price will include all applicable shots and worming on the two, and a pregnancy check. We are in love with these girls; we are just moving more into mini cows and momma is too big for our program. The cow/calf pair is available now for $1750, or $2000 with the re-breed option. Phone Chris & Pam Jessen ☎ 719-349-0638 or email tstinytails@gmail.com. Brighton Colorado. (04-10)

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FOR SALE: Miniature Jersey Cow. Registered, open. 4 years old, 41" tall, heterozygous polled, A1/A2, white park colored cow. Splash is 81.5% mini Jersey, 12.5% mini Angus, and 6% British White Park. She has a nice udder and is a good milk producer. She is good natured and is no trouble to milk. Splash comes with a current health cert, and is from a small, clean, herd, tested negative for TB, Johnes, BVDV, & BLV, and BANGs vaccinated. She sells with three straws of A2/A2/ polled mini Jersey bulls. Buyer just pays shipping ($125). $3300 OBO. We have already had many calls, texts, and visits to our farm regarding this cow. We sell on a first come basis. Call or text Mike ☎ 610-406-8136. Manti, Utah. (04-09).

FOR SALE: Miniature Cattle beginner herd, all 1 year old. 6 heifers, Dexter X Hereford, $350 each. 4 steers, Dexter X Hereford, $350 each. 1 Purebred Hereford bull, not related to heifers, $500. Will sell herd for $2500.00. Reasonable offers considered. Delivery available/negotiable. Call or text Tony ☎ 402-615-0272. Columbus Nebraska. (04-09)

FOR SALE: British White X Lowline heifer, daughter of AI sire ILC Maverick. She may be bred this spring. She is white park colored. She is stout and well made with lots of depth. Her dam throws top calves--we got her from the previous owner who kept her bull calf for their herd. DNA tested red carrier, A2A2 beta casein, A/B kappa casein, A/B Lactoglobulin, homozygous polled. She has worn a halter and was lead a few times. I hate to see her go, but unfortunately the herd has to go. $2000 OBO, call or text ☎ 406-314-1087. Kalispell, Montana. (04-08)

FOR SALE: Beautiful mid-sized pure Jersey cow. She is a little over 2 years old, very healthy, and has the A2/A2 genotype. She had a calf about 3 months ago and is currently giving a little over 3 gallons of milk per day. She is recently bred to a miniature Jersey bull and will calve this fall. $3200 OBO; contact ☎ 602-697-9914. Phoenix Arizona. (04-08)

FOR SALE: White Park X Miniature Zebu cow. “Delta” is 35” tall and white park speckled color, horned and born 9/30/11. She allows us to come up to her, but not pet her--with some time she would probably get very friendly. She currently has a bull calf at side, white with black spots born 1/28/19. Asking $800 for her or $1100 for pair. Call or text Owen ☎ 662-273-3540. Eupora Mississippi. (04-08)

FOR SALE: Miniature Jersey cattle. Cinnamon is a little bright red 3YO homestead milk cow. She is 40- 41 inches tall. She is 3/4 mini Jersey and 1/4 Lowline. She has had one calf. She is not currently milking. She has tested negative for Johnnes, Brucellosis, BLV, BVD. Mini Jersey bloodlines are through DC Orlando, Riverview John, Mr, Dylan, Oakwood and Gambogee. We have been breeding for nice family milk cows for over 10 years; registration hasn't been a priority. $2200. Call or text ☎ 612-850-2051. Princeton Minnesota. (04-07)

FOR SALE: Registered Dexter Family Milk Cow-calf pair, A2/A2, sweet cow with her 4th calf, she's always been a good mama. She is grassfed and very economical to own, providing milk, and meat for our table. She makes about a gallon a day. I "calf-share" and milk her once a day. So I get 1/2 gallon in the morning and vacation anytime I want! The calf can totally take care of her. She is trained to be hand or machine milked. Never kicked at me or acted aggressive with her horns. Good with other animals and children. $2000 for pair, comes with registerable Belfair Bull calf or we can steer him if preferred. $2000. Please Text ☎ 806-202-8088. Booker Oklahoma. (04-07)

HCA websiteShopping for registered cattle? See an unregistered one you like? You can register them (any age) for $10 /head for the 1st year of membership. Homestead & Miniature Cattle Herdbook Association (HCA)

Are you working on a new homestead or miniature cattle composite "breed" of your own? The registry is yours--but you can use the International Livestock Registries (ILR) to manage your herdbook, or add your breed in an inclusive all-breed database, or do the registration processing for you (similar to the Canadian government-owned CLRC). The service is high-end, and the prices are cheap. For more info, call Dennis Russell 816-738-4179 or email ILR:

HCA is part of the International Livestock Registries family of Herdbooks

ILR Associations:
Composite Beef Registry
ILR General Stud & Herdbook
International Dairy Cattle Registry
American Lineback Cattle Registry
Homestead Cattle Association
U.S. Normande Breeders Organization
Heritage Shorthorn Society
North American Pinzgauer Breeders

(ILR™ is a subsidiary of Midwest Genetics, LLC., serving the livestock industry since 2013. The herdbooks above are just some of the registries... ILR also registers 1000's head individually, for any breeder, of many countries; of any breed or any type of livestock. If it has a pedigree that needs recording, we can help.)

Crazy SueFOR SALE: Evil miniature black Texas Longhorn cow. “Crazy Sue” is mean, loud, and loves to chase people, trucks, tractors, etc. Great exercise for your cooped up kids if they are fast. If not, she can teach them agility. She's not been preg checked, but sells exposed to an awesome mini Longhorn bull. Her calf from last year has a great temperament. She's not caught me yet, but not for lack of trying. $500, serious inquiries only, text ☎ 208-243-5735. Ammon Idaho. (03-22)

FOR SALE: Miniature Zebu Herd. Max, young bull (painted, horned), long yearling, friendly comes up to you, wont eat out of your hands quite yet, but he is close, $450. Salt, grey cow (horned) unsure of her exact age, just weaned and sold her baby, friendly, will eat out of your hand, $600. Pepper, grey heifer (small horns) she is very friendly, will eat out of your hand, she is almost two years old, hasn't been bred yet. $600. Moose, darker cow (polled) she is extremely friendly, you can pet her and she’ll eat out of your hand, follows you around like a puppy, unsure of her age, $600. All of the cows have been with my kunekune, goats, horses and sheep, and have done great with them. Will take $2000 for all four. ☎ 803-420-4363. Cassatt South Carolina. (03-20)

FOR SALE: Breezy Knoll Ranch Wishbone, (right) brindle homestead dual purpose small frame heifer born 1 Nov 2018; she is 75% Angus and 25% Jersey. She is not very big. Being started in halter now. She is pasture exposed and probably bred to a fullblood Lowline (AAA) bull. She can be registered in the Homestead Cattle Association. Asking $1500. One yearling Lowline X Jersey heifer $900. Also several Lowline X and Belted X bulls and steers, $600 each. These calves are handled from birth and are very friendly. Contact Vicki or cell ☎ 850-758-6625. DeFuniak Springs (NW) Florida. [03-22]

FOR SALE: 4 miniature yearling heifers. 2 BWF Lowline X Mini Hereford heifers, and 2 black Dexter X Mini Hereford heifers. Pictures are available. $550 each. Serious interested parties may call 307-290-2183. Upton, Wyoming. (03-14)

FOR SALE: Beautiful miniature bottle bull calf. Will be steered soon. Born 1/28/20. Would make excellent show steer, pet, or therapy animal. Sire & dam on sight. See pictures of parents, SOS Harlie & dam, Chicklet at: www.auroraranch.us. Should mature out around 42-44”. Can be registered with Homestead Cattle Assn or IMCBR. $1000, discount for 4H'er. Text ☎ 509-292-0149. Elk, Washington. (03-10)

FOR SALE: miniature Wagyu. 15 head of 2019 F1 miniature Wagyu, asking $1000 ea. 2 2018 F1 miniature Wagyu, one bull one heifer, asking $1500 ea. 27 full-blood Wagyu embryos, stored at Transova, flushed from registered cows to registered bull Beijiro 36z. Asking $1000/ embryo, deals on 10 or more. Other miniature Cattle available. Bred cows, heifers, breeding bulls to choose from for a starter herd. Hooper Creek Cattle Co ☎ 402-525-3701 Eagle, Nebraska. (03-04)

paint Zebu bull

FOR SALE: Miniature Zebu bull (above): Fancy black & white paint, 8 yrs old very gentle, $400, call: ☎ Gail 205-473-5816, Lincoln Alabama. (03-02)

bd - inform yourself

pet red mini bull calfFOR SALE: Pet miniature bull calf, (left) red, halter broke and quiet tempered. Both parents are on premises. All proceeds will go to Healing Hearts Farm Rescue. Asking $1200 obo. Contact Ellen Peterson, Beaverville Illinois. (02-22)

HERD REDUCTION: 10 Miniature Black Angus cattle; bulls and heifers $500 each will sell all together or individually. Great homestead beef cattle--small portions but superior quality. Contact Dale ☎ 928-322-8253 Eastern Arizona, close to New Mexico state line. (02-27)

DISPERSAL: Miniature Hereford herd. We have 11 females ranging in age from 7 months to 11 years old. Very nice quality herd, w/ a halter broke club calf, a beautiful bull. All are horned but have been dehorned except for 2 of the older cows. All are registered with the American Hereford Association. I will sell all females and our bull as a package. Please call with questions ☎ 319-480-5321. Anamosa Iowa. (02-27)

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FOR SALE: Miniature Dexter Bull. Listing this bull for my parents. A very nice, friendly, red, horned miniature Dexter bull born October 2018. His name is Ferdinand, he is true to his name with his very laid back easy personality. He currently weighs just over 600 lbs. Was just seen by vet and up to date on all shots and deworming. Asking $600. Call or text ☎ 785-820-7336. Salina, Kansas (02-10)

FOR SALE: Mixed miniature beef cattle. Calves heifers, bulls, and a steer. All are a year old or younger born winter and spring last year. Our herd is made up of miniature Herefords, belted Galloway, Lowline angus. We try to breed for red and black panda cattle. All are miniature and pretty cool! $800-$1200 each; call or text ☎ 928-965-2946, Pima Arizona. (02-09)

DISPERSAL: Selling our complete herd of mixed mini cattle. Lewis the bull, 2014 registered Hereford, very gentle and calm, $750. Bella, 2011 registered Hereford cow, tame and loves to be petted, due to calve late Feb early March $850. "O" 2015 1/2 Hereford 1/2 Lowline Angus cow, daughter of Bella, with Gracie, heifer calf @ side born 02-18-2020, $1000. 1st calf heifer DOB 02-19-2018 w/ heifer calf @ side born 01-02-2020, $1000. Yearling heifer DOB 01-28-2019 daughter of "O" and Lewis, $700. Yearling steer DOB 02-10-2019, $600. Call or text ☎ Keith 319-240-5890. Viroqua Wisconsin. (02-08)

grade mini Longhorns

HERD DISPERSAL: Grade miniature Texas Longhorns, [above] miniature / small frame, 50% longhorn, not registered. 1 mature brindle bull for $750, and 6 head for $400 ea including 2 cows, 2 heifers, 1 young bull, and a black steer -- total $3150 for the herd. Email Frank, Riverview, Florida. (01-17)

FOR SALE: 3 female miniature “Black Herefords”: Sadie (1/4 mini Hereford), April 2019 heifer, registered Miniature Hereford X Blk Baldie. $1200. Betty (3/4 mini Hereford X 1/4 Lowline Angus), March 2019 heifer, $1400. Maddie, is a 4-1/2 year old Black Baldie cow due to calf in April with her 3rd calf by a registered mini Hereford bull, $1800. Will make a package deal on all 3. Contact Marie ☎ 715-579-2917. Eau Claire, Wisconsin. (01-10)

FOR SALE: Miniature Red Angus heifer calves: Two are 2018 calves & two are 2019 calves. All have been vaccinated. They are calm and eat treats out of your hands. $550 a piece or best offer. Contact Gary: ☎ 507-720-4301 Sioux Falls, South Dakota. (Jan)

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mini BrangusFOR SALE: Thinning the herd!! "Grassfed," on alfalfa hay from Tucson, Arizona.
1. Zebu / Dexter mini bull calf 1YO in April, $400. He would be great for a junior rodeo bucking bull / roping.
2. Miniature Brangus heifer (Lowline angus X miniature Zebu) 1YO in April. She has excellent conformation and would make an great addition to your breeding program, or for beef; $500--may consider trades for lever action rifle… Or a good gold detector like gold bug II ... Or sleeve hitch tractor implements… Let me know what you have; Shaine text ☎ 520-664-5088. Marana, Arizona. (01-16)

FOR SALE: Purebred mini Jersey bottle baby heifer calved on 01/9/20. She is out of our smallest purebred cow and is sired by our purebred mini Jersey bull, Harley. She will be pulled from the cow at two weeks old and bottle trained for two weeks. She will be ready for her new home by mid February. Thanks for your interest in LNL farm. Levon & Lynn Sargent ☎ 256-657-6545, Henagar Alabama. (01-13)

FOR SALE: Purebred Miniature Jersey Frozen Genetics: Rio Grande, CSS and EU certified semen. Exports to any country RG is dual registered AJCA and MJHB1259, BBR100, purebred miniature Jersey bull, 21” at birth, Hetero polled, A1/A2, A/B, A/B and has 4 generations of proven miniature Jerseys in his pedigree. Sire is Frazier's Credentials Rio, MJHB0574 Dam is DC Princess Elsa, MJHB0270 Genomic evaluations and parental verification through DNA on file, disease free CSS conventional $50/straw CSS sexed $200/straw EU certified sexed semen $350/straw EU certified sexed embryos $2,500/ embryo or 3/$6000. Cajun Milk Cows, Louisiana, 337-400-2279. (01-10)

FOR SALE: 2YO Miniature Zebu bull
, approximately 36 inches tall. He is not registered. $800.00 Contact Jean Wood Farm, ☎ 919-464-3871 Benson North Carolina. (01-08)

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4 miniature Highlands for sale in Texas

FOR SALE: 4 young Miniature Scottish Highland cattle; (above) 3 heifers and 1 tiny bull. The bull is chondro positive (carries the dwarf gene). The three heifers are all chondro negative.
(1) Gretchen is a white 3 year old heifer. 45” tall. She broke the tip off of one horn so we trimmed the other to match. She is always the first to come for food, will eat out your hand but does not care to be touched. $3200.
(2) Lucy is a Dun 18 mo heifer, 45” tall, bottle raised, has been led on a halter. She will let you pet her. $3700.
Gretchen and Lucy together: $6500.
(3) Ginger is a red 18 mo heifer, 38” tall, bottle raised, has been led on a halter. She will let you pet her. $4500*
(4) Wooly Bully, a sturdy, tiny 16 mo bull built like a tank, 36” tall. He will eat out of your hand but does not care to be touched. $4500*
I would prefer to sell all 4 altogether for $14,000. If sold separately Ginger and Wooly will not be offered for sale until both Gretchen and Lucy have been sold.* Wooly and Ginger together $8500* Email Sandy for more information. Located near Mansfield Texas. [12-15]

FOR SALE: 4 AHA registered miniature Hereford heifers. (1) yearling heifer DOB 05-23-18, $1200. (3) spring heifer calves, $1600 ea, born 05-21-19, 05-29-19, and 07-05-19. May hfrs ready now and the July hfr will be ready soon. This is a great deal to get started with mini Herefords. Please contact Jason ☎ 641-670-0313 for pictures or more information. We are located in Aplington, (northeast) Iowa. [10-20]

homestead dairy cow herd dispersal in Nebraska

DISPERSAL: Homestead Dairy Cow herd; Miniature and Midsize.
For more information, contact Ryan and Annette McConnell
email or call ☎ 308-235-5187 Dix, Nebraska [10-18]


Flint the GallowayFOR SALE: Purebred, registered B/W Belted Galloway heifer, [FLINT is SOLD]. "Caldwell Farm Fiona," born 02-27-18. $1200. Our herd is all 100% belted Galloway, registered with the Belted Galloway Society, Canadian Livestock Records Corporation (CLRC). They are small frame, homestead size; we purposely select on the smaller side. Most are frame size 1--0. Also I'm on the lookout for an unrelated purebred (fullblood) dun bull. Email or call or text Dora ☎ 715-828-3856, Home Oasis Farm, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. [10-14]

WANTED: Looking for a mini heifer or cow for less than $1000 within driving or meeting distance of Mississippi or Alabama. Doesn’t have to be registered. Contact Chelsea Karg on MeWe. Thanks! [10-04]

Riggit initiativeFOR SALE: 2 small frame fullblood Galloway cows. Karen Hymbaugh is still trying to find homes for a couple of Wolf's (photo to right; owned by Kathryn Engel) aunts. They are very sound and gentle and carry the genetics to produce colorful Cs calves if mated to solid or belted. For more information, email Kathryn Engel.

ISO people owning White Galloways classified B3 or C3. If we combine our efforts, we can recover the old riggit pattern. Commercial is fine... a Galloway is a Galloway to me. We just need to find each other. Then we can have cool parties like the crew in the U.K./Scotland. For more information, email Kathryn Engel.


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